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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

REVIEW! - Love the Way You Lie Music Video - Eminem & Rhianna

I love Eminem and I love this song, [less could be said about Rhianna] but there are a few things that just...ughdjweifhweuf! First of all whoever decided to dye Rhianna's hair red must have been on something because whoever thought she would look good with red hair......must have not been thinking with a clear mind!
Also why......WHY is Eminem frolicking around a freaking cornfield ?! I don't get how it relates to the song in any way. It's not like every time i hear the song i think; "I'd like a nice piece of corn right about now" so why the hell is he in a cornfield?! At least Rhianna is in front of a burning makes more sense.

Good points to the video are...well the song is Amazing, Eminem is hot [I'd marry him any day but the fact I'm 1 year older than his daughter would make that wrong in every way...and also the fact that he is 37 and I'm the lil' ol' age of 16 haha!]

I think Megan Fox was awesome in the video as well, I've never seen her act before because I don't really watch that many films, I thought she put her emotion across very well.
I'm not gonna lie though....i was looking forward to Eminem and Rhianna having a smack down, because those being the people singing the song I assumed they would be the two people fighting and showing off their....smacking down..ness haha!

Again this is another review which has really no sense to it at all but i type as I think and I don't bother re-reading!

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