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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

BLOG: John Mayer and The Old Days

Today is meant to be an Interview.......but yet...I don't have one! haha
So you will have to settle with a random blog post from yours truly :P

I'm sat listening to John Mayer's Albums, I'm now listening to Gravity <3
His music is amazing and i could listen to it all night long! Now I'm listening to Vultures!
But anyway

I was thinking about how Love now a days, does it actually mean anything?
I'd love it to be like it was years ago, when people dressed up and went on dinner dates, but it's like guys don't give a shit now. I'd love to just slow dance for hours and sit under the stars and stuff like that.
Don;t get me wrong, I love night where you just sit and play Xbox games for hours and pig out, but the other things would be nice also. To me they have more meaning.

I guess this is the end of the rant.....and i guess i'll be searching for a while until i meet a guy thats 16 and also like to do all that stuff haha! It will most probably never happen.

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