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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Orianthi! [I realise this is not Technology]

I think the days in which I post what I am set to.....are ones which you should treasure because as of now they probably wont happen very often haha.
Anyway, Orianthi is an amazing guitarist and singer/songwriter.
She has played with Steve Vai and was MJ's lead guitarist on his this is it tour!
I thought I'd tell you about her single and album which is soon to release in the uk!

According To You is set to release on the 6th...I think [banner I made below will tell you when haha]

This Pop/Rock tune, although repetitive, is very catchy and great to sing along to! I play it full blast and dance around my room to it! I'm also learning it on guitar but the fact that her guitar solos are so immense....It's basically impossible for me to play the actual song haha. Her voice is just as good as her guitar! Definitely one to buy!

Spread the Orianthi love with this banner I made!
Also be prepared for her album!
It's released on the 13th September and all the songs you can preview on youtube as it has already been released in other places!
She has huge talent so keep an eye out for her!
Her twitter is @Orianthi
So follow her! [I know where you live!]

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

BLOG: John Mayer and The Old Days

Today is meant to be an Interview.......but yet...I don't have one! haha
So you will have to settle with a random blog post from yours truly :P

I'm sat listening to John Mayer's Albums, I'm now listening to Gravity <3
His music is amazing and i could listen to it all night long! Now I'm listening to Vultures!
But anyway

I was thinking about how Love now a days, does it actually mean anything?
I'd love it to be like it was years ago, when people dressed up and went on dinner dates, but it's like guys don't give a shit now. I'd love to just slow dance for hours and sit under the stars and stuff like that.
Don;t get me wrong, I love night where you just sit and play Xbox games for hours and pig out, but the other things would be nice also. To me they have more meaning.

I guess this is the end of the rant.....and i guess i'll be searching for a while until i meet a guy thats 16 and also like to do all that stuff haha! It will most probably never happen.

Friday, 13 August 2010

BLOG: Zoe's Place Baby Hospice

My amazing friend/favorite jewelry maker has teamed up with Zoe's Place Baby Hospice to help raise money for them!
She has created these cute friendship bracelets with a little bear charm on them to help raise money.
They come in 3 colours: Yellow, Blue and Cream and they are only £2.50! and that includes p&p!

I know I'm going to order them as soon as i get some money!
I hope you do to because it is for a great cause!
Zoƫ's Place is a home from home for babies who have life limiting or terminal illnesses and special complex needs, offering palliative and respite care for babies/infants from birth to five years old.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

REVIEW! - Love the Way You Lie Music Video - Eminem & Rhianna

I love Eminem and I love this song, [less could be said about Rhianna] but there are a few things that just...ughdjweifhweuf! First of all whoever decided to dye Rhianna's hair red must have been on something because whoever thought she would look good with red hair......must have not been thinking with a clear mind!
Also why......WHY is Eminem frolicking around a freaking cornfield ?! I don't get how it relates to the song in any way. It's not like every time i hear the song i think; "I'd like a nice piece of corn right about now" so why the hell is he in a cornfield?! At least Rhianna is in front of a burning makes more sense.

Good points to the video are...well the song is Amazing, Eminem is hot [I'd marry him any day but the fact I'm 1 year older than his daughter would make that wrong in every way...and also the fact that he is 37 and I'm the lil' ol' age of 16 haha!]

I think Megan Fox was awesome in the video as well, I've never seen her act before because I don't really watch that many films, I thought she put her emotion across very well.
I'm not gonna lie though....i was looking forward to Eminem and Rhianna having a smack down, because those being the people singing the song I assumed they would be the two people fighting and showing off their....smacking down..ness haha!

Again this is another review which has really no sense to it at all but i type as I think and I don't bother re-reading!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

INTERVIEW! - Vintage Princess

Vintage Princess is this amazing jewelry maker i found on facebook.
She makes THE MOST amazing jewelry ever! And I don't tell a lie! [Unless it be needed haha]
As if she isn't amazing enough, VP also takes requests! I decided to take advantage of this and request something rocky, something haha and this is what I got.

When i opened the packaging it was wrapped in pink wrapping paper, filled with sequins and contained a cute little thank you card :]
I thought [and still think] that it was the most amazing necklace ever!
I wear it almost every day!
So as not to keep you waiting any longer, here is the interview with the amazing VP!
How did you get into jewellery making?
I started jewellery making a long time ago. I've always been pretty creative, I love making things, drawing, painting, reworking and customising clothing and jewellery anything like that really. Being a girly girl and a sucker for anything sparkily, pink, girly and pretty I absolutely loved jewellery making. I also love the idea of wearing something unique and individual which is something the high-street did certainly not offer! So I made my own :)

What made you decide to sell your pieces online?
Since I graduated from university last year I've been crafting more and more. People seemed to love my creations and I've always wanted a shop since I was little so I thought why not give it a go, and facebook seemed the perfect place to market my jewellery and I've never looked back! Now I can't picture myself doing anything else!

What are your favorite pieces to make?
Ooooh I really do just love making everything!

Do you take time to plan each piece or are they spur of the moment type things? [or both?]
Both really! I love it when I'll be at my desk and an idea just comes to me so I make it up there and then, but I also love planning things too! Especially for custom orders. Its so much fun when a customer comes to me asking for something and I get my thinking cap on and come up with ideas for them.

Where is your favorite place to purchase pieces like charms and other things from?
Now that would be telling! :p
I get my findings from everywhere and anywhere really! I get them online, from my own jewellery box, from antique, vintage and charity shops, through donations, literally everywhere. No matter where I go, I'm always on the look out for materials to make into jewellery!

Do you have an online store?
I do indeed! Its
I sell a lot of my collection through facebook though, so thats the best place to go to keep up to date with my new pieces. Having a facebook profile allows me to offer the chance for people to discuss a custom order with me, and I also get to chat to customers too which I love! I hope to have my own proper website soon though!

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to make and sell vintage jewelry?
I just advise them to go for it! It is so much fun and if its something you love then why not give it a go? I did and I've never looked back :)

Monday, 2 August 2010


Ok so I know this is Music Monday but.....I'm to depressed to do something like that! haha

Does this title concern you? Well it should!
IT'S REDONKULOUS! I can't find my phone! I  got my new one delivered today because 3 weeks ago I lost it. [A few months before that i lost my LG Cookie and someone found the rain....after it had already poured down on it....and it did not work] ANYWAY, so yeah.....I think I have the record for the most phones because I loose/Break everyone i get in a very short amount of time haha [I shouldn't really be laughing but....whatever stops the tears right?]

So right now me and my mam are looking for my phone....well...she is, I'm sat here writing this.

Seeing as this is a Music Monday and all that shiz, I will recommend an album for y'all ;]
Eliza Doolittle < SHE IS AWESOME. So yes, go buy her album, loose yourself in her music, and gaze in amazement because it is the type of album you would get up in the morning for. This is why i use it as an alarm in the morning haha.

Believe it or not i will stop typing and start searching for my phone because, well, i need it haha


Sunday, 1 August 2010

STYLE - Pick of the Week!

I personally love this and can't wait to go and get it!
It's easy to dress up or down and would look great with skinny jeans! [Or maybe even tights if you're daring enough ;) ]
For only £6 at Tesco i think this is a great buy so it is why it is my pick of the week!
You can buy it HERE