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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

INTERVIEW! - Vintage Princess

Vintage Princess is this amazing jewelry maker i found on facebook.
She makes THE MOST amazing jewelry ever! And I don't tell a lie! [Unless it be needed haha]
As if she isn't amazing enough, VP also takes requests! I decided to take advantage of this and request something rocky, something haha and this is what I got.

When i opened the packaging it was wrapped in pink wrapping paper, filled with sequins and contained a cute little thank you card :]
I thought [and still think] that it was the most amazing necklace ever!
I wear it almost every day!
So as not to keep you waiting any longer, here is the interview with the amazing VP!
How did you get into jewellery making?
I started jewellery making a long time ago. I've always been pretty creative, I love making things, drawing, painting, reworking and customising clothing and jewellery anything like that really. Being a girly girl and a sucker for anything sparkily, pink, girly and pretty I absolutely loved jewellery making. I also love the idea of wearing something unique and individual which is something the high-street did certainly not offer! So I made my own :)

What made you decide to sell your pieces online?
Since I graduated from university last year I've been crafting more and more. People seemed to love my creations and I've always wanted a shop since I was little so I thought why not give it a go, and facebook seemed the perfect place to market my jewellery and I've never looked back! Now I can't picture myself doing anything else!

What are your favorite pieces to make?
Ooooh I really do just love making everything!

Do you take time to plan each piece or are they spur of the moment type things? [or both?]
Both really! I love it when I'll be at my desk and an idea just comes to me so I make it up there and then, but I also love planning things too! Especially for custom orders. Its so much fun when a customer comes to me asking for something and I get my thinking cap on and come up with ideas for them.

Where is your favorite place to purchase pieces like charms and other things from?
Now that would be telling! :p
I get my findings from everywhere and anywhere really! I get them online, from my own jewellery box, from antique, vintage and charity shops, through donations, literally everywhere. No matter where I go, I'm always on the look out for materials to make into jewellery!

Do you have an online store?
I do indeed! Its
I sell a lot of my collection through facebook though, so thats the best place to go to keep up to date with my new pieces. Having a facebook profile allows me to offer the chance for people to discuss a custom order with me, and I also get to chat to customers too which I love! I hope to have my own proper website soon though!

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to make and sell vintage jewelry?
I just advise them to go for it! It is so much fun and if its something you love then why not give it a go? I did and I've never looked back :)

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  1. Great blog, glad I've discovered it 0 Can't wait to catch up on the reading!

    Keep up the fab work xxx