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Tuesday, 27 April 2010


 With her new single 'I Believe In You' set to top the charts & fast becoming England's World Cup Anthem we thought now was the time to meet the one & only Estonian pop star!
We had the amazing opportunity to interview Hannah and all we can say is she is so down to earth and incredibly sweet!
(Oh and yes we both have the same name! haha)
Hey Hannah!
Thanks so much for doing this for us! we really appreciate it :D
Hi Hannah, it's my pleasure! Nice to meet you and I'm very excited to answer your great questions!

 As well as having a rocking music video for your single 'I Believe in You' (out on the 3rd May) it also made the Music Week Upfront Club Chart at #1! Where you excited when you herd about it being #1?
I was so excited! I remember I came home from the studio just away in a bit of a daydream and then when I walked into my apartment, there was a huge bucket of flowers and a bottle of champagne with a big #1 attached to it!
I just jumped around and screamed by joy, I couldn't even believe it before I saw it with my own eyes in Music Week!

My mother came to visit me the same evening from Estonia and we had an awesome time together celebrating that achievement!

What was your favorite part about making the music video for 'I Believe in You' ?
Making the „I Believe In You“ video was a whole new experience to me because it's half animated and it was filmed with a blue screen. Everything was so different to the videos I've shot in the past -  from making the special costumes to the final edit, dance rehearsals and designing the little aliens.

I was very lucky to have such an amazing team who let me stick with them and  follow every single step from the very early beginning to the final video edit.
There were 15 people working on the video and I stayed with them in the studio watching it all come together. I was very lucky to work with people who let me get so involved. It was fascinating to see how every single movement and section took a very long time to create on the computer. I loved the day when we actually filmed but that seems to have been the easy bit!

You have accomplished so much in your life so far! Did you ever think while you were growing up that you would ever be so popular and so successful?
I always knew that I wanted to become a singer. And I always knew that I'd be on stage performing. I remember when I was three years old on beach with my parents. I climbed on the top of the highest rock, pretending that it's the stage and all the people down below sunbathing were my audience! I sang and asked everyone to clap their hands for the proper applause!
I started writing my own music when I was 13 and enjoyed it even more so I knew that this is something I'd like to do the rest of my life. My greatest encouragement was actually winning a song competition with my first song.

Whats it been like working with such a big bunch of talented songwriters?
It's been a very inspirational year for me. Working with such successful and talented people has given me a whole new take on songwriting.
I've been learning a lot from them being really encouraged to try different methods! Every songwriter has their own ways of writing a song and their own influences so it's great to spend time with them learning their own ways.

What inspires you in your songwriting?
Everything that happens in my life really. Love and relationships, movies, books, different stories, traveling… There's the opportunity to find something in every situation in life, I guess, to write about.

What is your favorite part about what you do?
I love performing, to be totally honest – it's like a treat! It's one thing when you've written your entire album and spent countless hours in studios, going through all the recording and production and remixes – which are all amazing! But then it's something entirely different to give it to people and see their reaction – that's really the best part. It gives you so much back if you see that audience enjoys what you've been working on.

Who are your biggest influences?
I listened to lots of classical music when I was a child and then grew up listening to classic artists like Phil Collins, Queen, and ABC. I've always tried to learn something from great artists and great songwriting. I loved Alanis Morrissette’s vocals back in the 90s and now am a huge fan of Alicia Keys as she's such an amazing songwriter and performer. So I guess I don't have just one big influence, there's many.

If you could duet with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
Alicia Keys or Dizzee Rascal

If you had any advise for someone who wanted to be a musician what would it be?
It's the hard work but it's worth it! It's an amazing world filled with many excitements and wonderful journeys. The tough thing is figuring out how to stay the same person and not let anyone to change you.
My mother always told me – stay as you are, be yourself – so that's my advice now cause it has helped me through the years.

Favorite Quote?
Dream big dreams! Dreams don't have limitations; our mind is the one, which is limited… so work with that one :)

Thanks Again for doing this :)
Hannah x

Thank you and God Bless!

Hannah xxx 

 Check out the video to 'I Believe in You' below! :D
and follow Hannah on twitter!

Monday, 26 April 2010

STYLE! - Get the Gossip Girl collection!

Dress like Serena, Blair, Jenny & Vanessa with the amazing Gossip Girl Collection at Miss Selfridge!
Shop the collection HERE

The clothes are amazing, stylish and edgy. Certainly the thing to splash your cash on this summer.

TWITTER! - Demi Lovato - RIP Phoebe Prince

RIP Phoebe Prince, a young teen who was bullied to death. People don't realize how serious bullying is these days. Verbal abuse IS (if not more) as serious as physical harassment.. PLEASE make a difference in your school.. Put an end to cliques... PLEASE put an end to catty fights and ugly rumors... It's not worth it. YOU can be the difference in your school/city and could save lives.. I highly encourage you to pick up this issue of people and read it.. Take it to your school..
Talk to the girls/boys in your class about how serious verbal abuse and cyber bullying can be..
I would've done anything to give Phoebe a hug, relate to one another, and tell her it was going to be okay..
My heart and prayers go out to Phoebe's friends and family.. I'm here for you.

Demi Lovato posted this on her twitter this morning.
Our prayers go out to Phoebe's family and friends. No one deserves to be bullied.

"@ddlovato , hopefully these cruel teens opend up their eyes & see how much damage they cause. They will learn one day." - @mmvalero

"@ddlovato everyone should just get along. After everything, we all bleed the same colour. So why are we bullied for being different?" - @TakeABreathDemi

"@ddlovato u know wat i WILL be the difference in my town... i WILL #Stopbullying" - @Jonas2Australia

"@ddlovato it's stories like this that make me wonder what's the point of bullying? Nothing just alot of hurt feelings #stopthebullying" - @Bum2Chair

INTERVIEW! - Mitchel Musso

I did this interview 26/08/09
so yes it was a long time ago but i thought i would post it anyway :)

Sunday, 25 April 2010


Alex Gardner is a Scottish pop singer from Edinburgh.
He's just 18 years old and for all you girls out there in an interview on his YouTube he is single!
Alex is currently working on his upcoming untitled debut album, which is due out sometime in 2010 and his debut single and lead single from the album "I'm Not Mad" was released on March 29, 2010 in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
He is certainly one to watch out for! His voice is so calming and i fell in love with it [and him] as soon as i herd his acoustic version of 'I'm Not Mad' on his YouTube.
As of Wednesday he will be starting his month long support tour with Scouting For Girls. (For dates visit He said it will be his longest time away from home and the thing he will miss most is 'Gordon Ramsay's kitchen nightmares USA'

Friday, 23 April 2010

INTERVIEW! - Emmanuella

Ok so I might be a bit bias but i think you must be the best YouTube singer
out there! Which has been your favorite cover you have done so far?

Heyy hahaha nowayyy your just bias hahaha! But thanks!
I think Beyonce - Ava Maria or Halo, I love Beyonce :)

Who is your favorite artist to cover?
Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber and Beyonce

How long have you been interested in music?
Well I've always loved music since I was like 5 years old, in primary school I was always in school musicals and plays.

If you could duet with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
That's a hard one.... Michael Jackson really inspired me so I would have loved to do a duet with him. It would be amazing to do a duet with Chris Brown or Pixie Lott! 

Do you write your own songs?
Yes I do, but I haven't posted any on youtube yet because I'm sorting out melody and stuff.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
Well I really just want to sing and make people smile with my songs. Just generally become successful in my field in whatever I end up doing.

Do you have a style icon? if so, who? 
I love Ferne Cotton and Alexa Chungs style!!!!

Favorite Quote?
Dreams do come true if you believe!?! Ahaha I can't think of a quote!

Now because i know you i thought id take the opportunity to ask you some questions which are well...not what i would usually ask! haha

If you were a toothbrush what colour would you be?
Pink and Orange strips :)

 If you were a biscuit what type would you be?

Custard Creams

 Whats your obsession?

 Oh Sunglasses and New Magazine :)

 Honestly...could you live without twitter?

 No waaay, that's hard!

 Do you have any other talents?

 I love dancing and I'm a good problem solver :)

Anything else you would like to say?
Thanks for wanting to interview meee, your my first interviewer!!! :)

No problem! Thanks for letting us interview you!

Check out Emmanualla's cover of Ava Maria and Halo below! and make sure you follow her on twitter!  

STYLE! - Taylor Momsen

Were loving Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen right now, Especially her style!
As well as being Jenny in GG and fronting her band The Pretty Reckless, Taylor also manages to be a huge style icon and we have a few places you can get her rocking look from.


MUSIC VIDEO - We The Kings ft. Demi Lovato - We'll Be A Dream

The music video we have all been waiting for has finally arrived!
We'll be a dream by We the Kings and Demi Lovato. The Music video involves Feathers, Toilet paper, food and a whole lot of mess!
It wasn't what i was expecting it to be like but it is still amazing!
Check it out Below
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Follow Demi Lovato on Twitter

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Welcome to Influence & Inspire.
We post about fashion, music and loads of other things :D
we will also be posting interviews from rising stars and hopefully some real celebs :)
keep checking back for updates!