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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Missing You - The Saturdays - SneakPeak!

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STYLE - Pick of the Week!

A Boyfriend Blazer
Every girl needs one!

Because they are not tight fitted like a normal womans blazer its the perfect thing to chuck on when we have those cool summer nights.
I have one and it is so comfortable, and your boyfriends would appreciate it as well because it would be 1 less piece of clothing you will steal from them. haha
Hurry up and get it quick because they are selling fast!
Only £20 HERE at Fashion Union

Monday, 14 June 2010

Round and Round - Selena Gomez

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On the 11th of June 3 new songs were released on itunes from Glee which were not on any of the albums that have already been released.

Give Up the Funk
Good Vibrations

Loser has to be my favorite. Originally sung by Beck, i think in ways it is a slight improvement on the original but the original is also awesome. It's nice to see that Glee is venturing to an alternative genre as i think it really did some justice for the show....not that it wasnt great already. Download HERE

Good Vibrations is amazing! Mercedes Vocals were so incrediable and Finn and Pucks rapping was priceless. I was slightly worried about the thought of Finn rapping but both did an amazing job!
The song is so catchy and there is no denying that these 3 work and sound incrediably well together, I can't wait to hear more from them. You will love this is you are a fan of the Power of Madonna Episode.
Download HERE

Give Up the Funk....well....i'm not gonna lie.....this song actually scares me haha.
I don't know why because again it's really good! The harmonies are flawless and Chris Colfer...singing that low...well i did not expect that from him! I believe he is now THE male singer with the highest vocal range haha. Mercedes also rocked it! And we got some more experience of everyones rapping skills.
Download HERE

Sunday, 13 June 2010

STYLE - Pick of the Week!

I love this shirt! When i walked into Topshop it was the first thing i saw and i immediately decided i needed to buy it!
It looks good tucked into some denim shorts, as it is in the picture or even open with a T-Shirt or vest underneath. Pefect thing for this summer and looks great!

Only £30 HERE at TopShop