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Monday, 2 August 2010


Ok so I know this is Music Monday but.....I'm to depressed to do something like that! haha

Does this title concern you? Well it should!
IT'S REDONKULOUS! I can't find my phone! I  got my new one delivered today because 3 weeks ago I lost it. [A few months before that i lost my LG Cookie and someone found the rain....after it had already poured down on it....and it did not work] ANYWAY, so yeah.....I think I have the record for the most phones because I loose/Break everyone i get in a very short amount of time haha [I shouldn't really be laughing but....whatever stops the tears right?]

So right now me and my mam are looking for my phone....well...she is, I'm sat here writing this.

Seeing as this is a Music Monday and all that shiz, I will recommend an album for y'all ;]
Eliza Doolittle < SHE IS AWESOME. So yes, go buy her album, loose yourself in her music, and gaze in amazement because it is the type of album you would get up in the morning for. This is why i use it as an alarm in the morning haha.

Believe it or not i will stop typing and start searching for my phone because, well, i need it haha


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