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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Orianthi! [I realise this is not Technology]

I think the days in which I post what I am set to.....are ones which you should treasure because as of now they probably wont happen very often haha.
Anyway, Orianthi is an amazing guitarist and singer/songwriter.
She has played with Steve Vai and was MJ's lead guitarist on his this is it tour!
I thought I'd tell you about her single and album which is soon to release in the uk!

According To You is set to release on the 6th...I think [banner I made below will tell you when haha]

This Pop/Rock tune, although repetitive, is very catchy and great to sing along to! I play it full blast and dance around my room to it! I'm also learning it on guitar but the fact that her guitar solos are so immense....It's basically impossible for me to play the actual song haha. Her voice is just as good as her guitar! Definitely one to buy!

Spread the Orianthi love with this banner I made!
Also be prepared for her album!
It's released on the 13th September and all the songs you can preview on youtube as it has already been released in other places!
She has huge talent so keep an eye out for her!
Her twitter is @Orianthi
So follow her! [I know where you live!]

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