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Friday, 30 July 2010

BLOG - Lego Batman//Felt tip eyeliner//Justin Bieber

So yes there are 3 things I am going to talk about today, [clearly listed in the title] but as you all know I'm prone to wonder so by the end of this....well I could've talked about 5 more completely random things.

I thought I’d introduce you to the land of Lego Batman because well.... LEGO BATMAN IN THE SHIZ!
I play it every time we go to my mates house and because it has never let us save it on his Xbox we have spend hours on end trying to complete it all in one night, [which we have failed to do yet] in hope that maybe, just maybe we would get further than the last time. One time we played till 1am and still had not finished it.
It becomes so addictive that you can't stop and you have so many laughs while playing and make so many random jokes that by the end of it you just start punching each other instead of the bad guys and see who can kill each other first. [This may just be the reason why we have yet to complete the game in one night]
Anyway the aim of this was to get you to play Lego Batman haha
It is always better with someone else because when you play 1 player.....well I have no idea what the hell the computer does because they just wander off god knows where and plays their own random game.

Felt tip eyeliner. Some of you might be thinking 'WTF is she on about?!' see I got this knew eyeliner and it says clearly on the tube 'Liquid Eyeliner'. Then when you open the actual thing there is this giant felt tip end! And to make it sound even better when you put it on it is actually like you are colouring in your eyelid, [whether this be good or bad to you, who knows] but although it's many downfalls I have already put, as soon as it dries, well, it's the most poor excuse for the colour black I have seen. As it absorbs into your eyelid it fades and is no longer the jet black eye liner/felt tip pen you had previously put on.

Now my last topic which many of you will now probably never read my blog again because of is Justin Bieber. She [oh sorry I mean He] is literally EVERYWHERE. I don't blame him because well he can't exactly help it, [maybe if he actually produced a song more suited for his age though] but seriously, I get it, all of you like him, BUT HE IS ONLY ONE PERSON and still I manage to see about 7483269547385643859 things about him a day. I understand you all love him but need to be chillin' because someone who is not a fan can only take so much. Also people compare every new male teen singer to him now-a-days. Look at Greyson Chance, for his age, he's got talent! [And let’s not forget he can sing deeper than little ol' Justin] but EVERYONE seems to compare him to Justin, and he's nothing like him! WHAT ARE YOU ALL ON!? And that Cody Simpson guy or whatever his name he's cute ;] and i believe he has more talent than Justin, but then you get all these people jibbing on his page that he is nothing compared to Justin and that Justin rules. TBH i don't think the artists actually care if you think that aren’t like Justin because they just want to be their own person. [Some might even take it as a compliment]
So please, the land of Bliebers....please...chill.

Hannah xx

Thursday, 29 July 2010

REVIEW! - Inception

Yesterday I went to see inception and all I could say was wow!

We came in about 5 - 10mins into the movie but we caught up with where we were at in the movieI’m not going to give a highly detailed, professional review because; well I always think they suck the life and awesomeness out of the film.

The film starts of being that they go into dreams to steal pieces of information from people minds/subconscious but then they are set with the challenge of planting inception into one man’s mind which involves them going into 3 different dream levels. [Dream in a dream in a dream] It also doesn't help that Leonardo’s wife likes to ruin their fun most of the time.

To create the dream worlds they need an architect [Ellen page]. The dream world has to be in a maze form and is not allowed to be made from memory but I’m not going to tell you why because that would ruin the movie for you. All I will say is that Leonardo’s subconscious is a bitch :P hehe.

It finished with a cliff-hanger which really sucks because....well YOU JUST WANT TO KNOW!
So we really do need an Inception 2 haha

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

INTERVIEW! - Cosa Nostra

I sent these guys my interview a while ago and they finally got back to me! hehe
With them being busy sorting out touring and other stuff they managed to find time to answer some questions :]
Here is their Lovely Email.

Hey Hana, once again thanks so much for this and even bigger thanks for being so patient with us!

For a few questions, we took time to give personal answers instead of a whole band answer.

Cosa Nostra is:
Phil Saliba (lead guitar/vocals)
Sean Murphy (rhythm guitar/vocals)
JJ Hoeffner (keyboards/vocals)
Derek Santo (drums)

How did you get the idea to form a band?
We all have always wanted to be in a band, its always been a dream of ours. Music has always been a passion and a love for all of us. Phil knew from the start that music was what he wanted to do and started the band in 2006 with Derek and a few former members, and after a few lineup changes, Sean and JJ came into the band in late 2007. At the current time, we are in the process of finding a new bassist.

How did you come up with the name for the band?
Our old band name needed a change, none of us were happy with it, and we wanted a name that not only sounded cool and was memorable, but something that we could relate to as well. Cosa Nostra translates from italian to "our thing". Which is exactly what this band is. Our thing. Its our way of being creative and doing what we love and growing as friends as well as musicians.

What inspires you in your songwriting?
Lyric wise, experiences from our own lives, and what is going on in the world around us. Music wise, the bands we love and listen to, our own thoughts and ideas, and eachother. It is very evident that we all inspire eachother to keep writing music, with all the talent that each member brings to the table.

Who are your biggest influences?
As a whole, this band has very similar musical taste. We are heavily influenced by Thrice, Taking Back Sunday, Bayside, Envy on the Coast, Alkaline Trio & Motion City Soundtrack to name a few.

What is your favorite thing about being a musician?
Phil: writing music when everything comes together nicely, and the sound of a pumped up crowd after a song is played
Sean: creating music with talented people and proudly performing the results
JJ: all the fun times, and the people we have met along the way whom we would not have met had it not been for the band
Derek: being as creative as possible

How would you describe your style?
We are a modern rock band with heavy influence from some of todays biggest acts such as Thrice, Taking Back Sunday, and Envy on the Coast.

What is your favorite song to perform?
Phil: Guardian Ghost
Sean: I'll Be Gone
JJ: Guardian Ghost
Derek: Grave Misfortune

Who would be your dream band to go on tour with?
Phil: Muse
Sean: Taking Back Sunday
JJ: Muse
Derek: Bayside

Did you expect your music to reach other parts of the world like here in the UK?
Not this soon. We get excited when our music is heard and liked by people who live in our town!. To know that our music is being listened to and appreciated this much in a whole other country is awesome. Things like myspace and Facebook and twitter really make all of this possible. We are so excited by that and hope someday to be able to come play for all of you.

What are your goals for the future?
To put out music that we are proud of and that people love to listen to. To travel to new places all over and play for fans. And to have our fanbase and listeners grow to new heights.

Anything else you would like to say?
Thanks so much to Hana for finding us and reaching out to us for this, we hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed answering these questions for you. We just finished recording our debut full-length record and hope to have it available physically and digitally this fall. Keep your eyes peeled!

For more:

Make sure you check them out! They are awesome!
[Looking for a new bassist are they ;] hehe if only i lived in the US haha]

Monday, 26 July 2010

MUSIC MONDAY! - Teenage Dreams

Teenage Dreams by Katy Perry is amazing! So much much better California Gurls and is probably one of the best pops songs in a long time!

Post a comment saying what you think!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Interview Tuesday - SuperNovas and Chasers [Mr.Hudson Interview - SNC Interview wt. Greedmont Park]

.... You see, musical artist aren’t so exclusive to their genres anymore. Mr.Hudson is no different to this new wave of musical perception. Having his Straight No Chaser album out in the USA this past week, you can imagine how stressful and hectic his schedule has been. However, between the late night recording sessions, impromptu performances, and the weight that comes with being an overly attractive lad with the most GQ and Tom Ford of accents, Mr. Hudson took some time to catch up with Greedmont. He told me tales of love gone wrong, but also threw in funnier stories, which consisted of Wimbleton tennis outfits worn at the most awkward social situations, and skinny men who sing in high pitch voices.

Straight no Chaser was meant to be a cross between pop and hip hop. Mr. Hudson has stated that his musical heroes are of the Bowie variety, so all sorts of upbeat tempos and dance revolution tracks were in the works for Straight No Chaser, however titles like “There Will be Tears”, “Learning to Live” and “Everything is Broken” raises eyebrows because they juxtapose the Studio 54 rhythms that they’re laid with. On the feel of the Straight No Chaser album, Hudson states, “There’s two angles that I wanted to cover. One is to make an upbeat record that would represent different influences from hip hop, although I’m not a hip-hop artist, but working with artist like Jay-Z and Kanye West am influenced. Right after working on 808′s & HeartBreak, I broke up with my longtime girlfriend. The reality of it affected my songwriting. So you see, you have this album with these upbeat sounds but miserable lyrics.” The stellar, mellow “White Lies”, even has tinges of consciousness in it. “The pain in the single “White Lies”…I guess it came from guilt. When you sometimes have to break a rule to get where you need to be, whether that justifies it doesn’t make it right to do it.” Some of the songs on the album are auto tune tweaked and at a time when Jay-Z had just released “D.O.H” and T-Pain was doing excess, I asked Hudson about the sounds and techniques that he had wanted to incorporate on the Straight No Chaser album, “Auto tune is only on one in four tracks. It is one of the different effects, or one of many toys that we play with and utilize. You use it when appropriate.” He goes on, “It’s funny, we released Supernova which had auto tune, and a few days later, Jay-Z came out with ‘Death of Auto tune’ and it was like ‘uh-oh,” he laughs.

Hudson broke the scene with “Forever Young”, you heard a bit of him in “Say You Will” and although he is associated with Heavy acts like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Scott Mescudi, Calvin Harris, he is granted free name dropping rights, for the fact that he can stand alone. There Will Be Tears, features the rich, smooth texture of his voice and the Warhol reminiscent, acid trippy video shows the validity of those who champion him as being an icon. Kanye West once stated, “I believe Mr. Hudson has the potential to be bigger than me, to be one of the most important artists of his generation,” on this the humble Hudson states, “It’s terrifying. What do you say to that. He sees me as having a lot of potential.” On his slow encroachment of the music scene and his work ethic he used the funniest analogy, “I’ve always been a slowly, but surely kind of guy. I won’t crash on the scene like Lady Gaga. It’s not in my nature to break in, come crashing through the window in a red, leather jumpsuit.”

No, Hudson, is a more eclectic, willowy spirit. Before his rise to stardom, he states “I was doing things in London, pottering about. My dreams didn’t extend beyond London to save my life.” When he started doing impromptu performances with Jay-Z and became involved in studio sessions and producing for Kanye West’s 808, blogs, magazine, and music critiques were tuning their ears to his idiosyncratic tunes, Hudson was living a double life. In London, spending days and nights in his apartment writing and vomiting his soul into his music, but in the United States impromptu invitations from jigga man to take part in Saturday Night Live performances. “It really isn’t normal, it’s been sort of a religious experience. I’ve experienced the craziest of things. Jay-Z and I played at a wireless festival and Kanye West randomly came on. To go from my modest existence to a world of escalades, cold stones and unnecessary amounts of sneakers. Does a man really need six thousand pairs of shoes. But it started to become one lifestyle. However, I still like to preserve a corner of my life that is still pedestrian.” He went from writing lyrics in worn notebooks and humble pub performances, to excusing himself as he wedged his way into studio sessions with Plain Pat, Tony Williams, Young Jeezy, T-Pain. “You chip away and make music and then you get this call from Kanye because he wants to sign you to G.O.O.D. music. It’s amazing. He never told me what to do, instead he showed me how to work. I had all these guys, Tony Williams, Plain Pat, Big Sean, N-Dubz coming to the studio. I learned so much quickly. I got to work on other artists stuff, and some of my own.

At this stage there are of course comparisons, but even they have been compliments, Sting being one of them. “It’s happened fairly frequent over the past year, it’s a massive compliment. But what other English men do you know of with blonde hair singing in ridiculously high pitch. It’s a compliment, but a big shoe to fill. Speaking of shoes, Hudson has a Louis Vuitton shoe named after him. When you start associating with Louis Vuitton, style is a must. Hudson’s, is more of a simpler variety. “My whole thing is that clothes should fit your body and personality.” He then goes on to tell me the story of the first time he came to the United States and was invited to engage in one of our nations most popular of sports: basketball. “The first time I came to America they asked me to play basketball, and I arrived in a full Wimbleton tennis outfit and they laughed at me. But I’ll go on to tell you that I scored the final wining three points,” he tells me in a fit of laughter. At this point in the interview, all sense of professionalism cedes as I join him in laughter and seeing that his attempts of humor are proving valiant, he continues in this tone. When asked if his future is forecasted as being sex, drug, and money ladden as the ones that West, Jay, and Mescudi have lately been living, he is quick to reply, “Probably,” but then grows serious as he reflects on the question. “No, I try to call my mother and school friends everyday and I keep my feet on the ground. I have an American work ethic. In London it seems cool to not try.” He goes on to address the work ethic of the rap and hip hop industry, “In hip hop you work hard and you’re not ashamed. There’s a big psychological difference, I embrace hip hop for it’s value.”

On projects that are coming up, albums, and tabs that Greedmont should be keeping, Hudson stated, “By the time records come out, we’re already listening and working on new stuff. I should be coming over to the states in a few weeks. I’m going to be in New York, going to some clubs. I think I’m going to try out dj’ing,” he laughs, “But I’m no A-Trak. You need to listen to Caspa, some guys over here in London that I’ve been getting into…also Nero-Innocence. If you come to my house is what we play all day.”

By: Rose M. Bellefleur of 12thDisciples

Click HERE to see full interview

Monday, 19 July 2010

MUSIC MONDAY! - So many reasons why i love Eminem

So im sat here with my cuppa tea
and BobCause Bob is cool
anyway, i'm sat with tea and Bob and listening to Eminem's new album and words can't describe how bloody amazing it is! I listened to Love the way you Lie and it made me all teary eyed and ..AHH! it's so freaking amazing! his whole album is. He has always been one of my favorite artists since i could hear! haha yes i listened to him when i was very younger ;) maybe this could be the answer to why i like to swear alot but we shall never know haha ( but thats most likely because....well you know the youth of today, we're all bad arses ;)Anyway if you haven't listened to it yet then you should! Buy the album and what not, or atleast listen to Love the way you lie!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

TECHNOLOGY! - Sing Sing Panda Ipod Dock

When i first got this Dock i honestly thought it would be crap because well, it looks cute and it's a panda.
But don't let that decieve you!
The Sing Sin Panda Ipod Dock is amazing! The sound is clear, the volume has a wide range, it looks as cute as it does in the picture and it is only £29.99.
The bass line is so clear on this thing that it's great for any party. It is the best Dock going for that price.
You can buy it in HMV Stores right now!

I have one and it's awesome and so cute hehe

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

STYLE - Pick of the Week!

This Belted A-Line Skirt from TopShop has to be the cutest thing we have seen all year!
When i saw it i knew i had to buy it and seeing as now it is in the sale for only £15 its well worth it!!!
It goes great with a white vest top tucked in a a lovely knitted cardigan.
What do you think of it? Are you going to buy it?

£15 HERE Topshop

3OH!3 signing at HMV

3OH!3 will be signing copies of their new single My First Kiss plus their hmv exclusive t-shirt design at hmv 150 Oxford Street, LONDON on Monday 12th July at 6pm.

Due to limited time available, 300 wristbands will be available for access to the queue on the day of the event from 9am, on a first-come first-served basis, one per customer only, no reservations

Who's going? :]

Monday, 5 July 2010

GAMERS - Make Your Xbox Quiet!

Now i'd been looking how to do this on the internet for AAAAGES! and people kept giving me all these ideas of how to pull my xbox 360 apart and make it quiet that way.......well as soon as you take it apart you loose your warrenty and i'd rather like to keep that thank you.

A way yo keep your warrenty and make your xbox 360 quiet...well it's rather simple really.
All you need to do is when you are on your dashboard and you have your game in the tray, instead of pressing play press the Y button then install it to your hard drive. It takes a while and it takes up space but you can delete the game off of your hard drive and it will still keep all of your gamer achievements etc so you can uninstall it at any time if you need the space.

Now when you play...well the Xbox might aswell not be there because you can't hear it basically at all.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Ellie Goulding - The Writer - New Single/Music Video!

Singer/Songwriter Ellie Gouding has announced that her next single will be 'The Writer'
Below are some pictures from the video shoot and a quick video from Ellie on the set of the video.
We can't wait to see it :]