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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Day in bed and songwriting

So basically I spent the whole day in bed.
I'm not lying, I got out to shower and go to the shop and that's about it haha.
So I've been song writing for the past hour. I think the song I've written is pretty decent :)
I decided not to go and see Epic Health Fail dude today, So instead I text him to see how he was. Sadly no improvement since yesterday :(

I'm now sat in bed, about to get a cup of tea but being distracted by a guy who I'm not sure is trying to ask me on a date or he actually just wants to hang out. Either way...I really don't want to go. 1)He's really not one for having a conversation with and 2) He's really not my sort of person haha. Not trying to be mean or anything. and plus every place he's suggested I hate and the one place I said he doesn't like. So it's kind of an epic fail really.

Anyway, there isn't really anything Else I can say apart from Iwan Rheon is an amazing singer/songwriter.

Good night everyone <3

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