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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Christmas was cancelled

As I'm waiting on an email  I thought I'd do another post :]

Christmas today was cancelled!
Yes, we were going to have a mini Christmas today but because of the snow, we had to come home just incase we got snowed in. So no roast dinner, no xmas shopping....NOTHING!
So you may be wondering why we we're having a mini xmas? Well because my nanna and Granddad live a while away it was the last time we'd see them before xmas.

So we came home at 10am in the morning -_- a lot earlier than I would've liked, and I've sat doing naff all, all day.

Well actually I wrote a post for another website [CallofDuty-online] as I'm now an admin there. So go check it out! My first post will be up soon so go and comment and say how amazing it is ;) [You will know it's mine because it will say 'by HannahCODOnline' :P

Woop, email has come and everything is sorted!
Sorry this wasn't an interesting post but, at least it took up some of your time :P

Hope you all have a good weekend <3

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